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How to Clean the 4 Pieces you Need for Holiday Dinners.

How to Clean the 4 Pieces you Need for Holiday Dinners.

  • It’s that time of year. Yep, entertainment season. But, don’t stress just yet. We have the perfect way to prep all of your special holiday dinnerware so you can spend time worrying about what to make instead of what to eat it with.

How to Clean the 4 Pieces you Need for Holiday Dinners.

  • 1. Silverware

    Odds are you don't use your silver flatware on a daily basis. When you bring those darling utensils out for this special time of year they may not be as gleaming as you remember. Get them shining again with the Streak-Free Mirror Cloth. It's delicate enough for your favorite flatware and guaranteed to make them table worthy.

  • 2. China

    Your fine china. It's been waiting for this moment, the one time of year when it gets to see the glorious light of day and make its seasonal debut. As you know, these dishes are not your everyday plates. They need special attention and a lighter touch. Give them the treatment they deserve with the 3-in-1 Microfiber Cloth.

  • 3. Table Linens

    Stains happen, especially when it comes to table linens. The good news is you can make those pesky spots disappear. Try spot treating with the Dobie All-Purpose Spongeand some simple cleaning solution. Your dinner guests will be none the wiser.

Table Linens
  • 4. Glassware

    After all the holiday cheer, you might find your glassware isn't quite spotless. If they need a gentler clean, give the Delicate Spongea shot. It is the perfect tool for fingerprints to lipstick and everything in between.

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